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Check in with Celina Karine

First things first, how are you? And by that we mean, how are you really?

Thanks for asking - I’m doing great! Despite the circumstances I’ve had a pretty nice summer in Oslo, and now I am excited for the fall. I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing people and have a job that I love and lets me be creative, so I really can’t complain.

What has this corona period been like for you? 

I am one of the lucky ones that haven’t been affected by this terrible pandemic. Of course I’ve been less social, but I am used to working alone and from home, and I’m not really a «party girl» anyways. I’ve enjoyed staying at home with my boyfriend and our two dogs, keeping busy with work and my upcoming projects. I think we all have been (and still are) scared by these strange times, hoping for everything to get back to normal asap.

What are some self care/mental health care actions you’ve taken since March? 

Finding the balance between being on top of the news and letting my mind escape from it all. I think it is important to know what is going on, but when knowing that it will mess with my mental health and sleep I try to stay away from reading the news before bedtime. I have also understood that how I feel about my self and how productive I manage to be is connected with the effort I put into being my best self. So, even if no one is going to see me, I try to always get dressed, put on a bit of makeup and perfume and brush my hair - just for me!

Now that things are a bit more normal, are you currently working on any projects and/or care to share some secrets about them? 

Yes, I have actually used 2020 to write my soon to be launched cookbook! Very exciting times! 

What inspired you to start this new recipe book? 

I have always had a strong passion for food, so it has been natural to share that love with my followers when making content for the last 8 years. They always asks for recipies, tips and then they asked for a book! Their wish is my command<3 Especially when I learned more about a plantbased lifestyle, and discovered all the amazing benefits it has for the planet, the animals AND our health, I knew I wanted to write about that journey.

Speaking of your followers, tell us a little about the journey that got you to this point of being able to create physical products?

Well, I've been doing social media as a job for 5 years and have been offered a lot of collaborations - both great and not so great ones. So far I have done a couple of really cool product collabs, where I have learned a lot and really fell in love with creating something physical. Of course it is nice and reassuring to work with a brand, but doing something by myself is definitely the most satisfying and rewarding! My boyfriend is also an entrepreneur and helps me out a lot, and I help him with his brand Ariviera - we are a great little team! My followers are the most supporting people ever; they are always cheering me on, inspiring me and motivating me. I am forever grateful for their continuing love, it means the world to me.

Do you see yourself continuing to create more products like this or furthering your interests in recipes/cooking?

Yes, absolutely! I would love to write more books (if *crossing fingers* my debut becomes a success), create beauty products and continue to design jewelry and interior for Ariviera. When making this book, and being in charge of every tiny detail of it, I have been so freaking picky, proud and conscious. In addition to the actual text and recipes, I want beautiful pictures, great quality and only sustainable materials. It is expensive to be as conscious and picky as I have been, but I know it will be totally worth it and appreciated. 

What started your journey with plant-based eating and what have you learned that's made you stick with it/create this book?

My book is going to be more than just a cookbook. It will also include a lot of personal stories and experiences, where my readers exclusively will get to read about my journey. So to answer your questions: you will have to read the book, I guess!

What's one piece of information you can share with us about a plant-based lifestyle, whether that's information in general or something you've learned personally from being a part of it? 

That there unfortunately are lots of preconceptions about a vegan lifestyle. And that the first step towards any kind of improvement is openness and being willing to learn. Hopefully my book will give you lots of information, facts and inspiration in an easy and fun way! The book contains my words, but also the wisdom of others I really look up to. I write quite a bit about my dad and how he changed his lifestyle at the age of 65, which we both hope can be especially eye-opening for the readers. 

We appreciate you taking the time to check in with us, Celina, you are an inspiring and hard-working client of ours that we love to have representing our brand<3


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