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Toni's best summer makeup tips

If you didn't already know, our stylist Toni is a mix of South African and Australian, so if there's anyone who knows the struggle of wearing makeup in high heat, it's her! From skincare to setting spray, Toni has graciously given us some of THE BEST tips for keeping your look in check all summer long.


Concentrating on skin care in preparation for when you are going to use makeup is very important in general, but when it’s 35 degrees and you’re planning on executing a natural and long-lasting makeup look, it's even more important! It’s not a nice feeling to have packed on thick makeup in high heat and this is for two reasons:

1. If you have a packed on, thick foundation and you begin to sweat, other elements of your makeup (f.eks your contour) can begin to droop down and blend over into unintended areas. This will result in you losing the sharpness of the look.

2. When it’s hot the pores in your skin expand to let the sweat out. If your skin is trying to ventilate but your thick foundation is blocking it, this can cause the bacteria from your sweat to get caught in the pores. This, coupled with the thick foundation clogging your open pores, can lead to skin blemishes and pimples :/

Instead, by focusing on good skin care to start with, you’ll create an opportunity for the makeup to look just as good with a thinner foundation, and your skin will thank you!

Product recommendations

I won't do this on every part, but for skin care I have to explain why I use/love these products!

  1. Body Shop “Hemp Overnight Nourishing Rescue Mask” - This mask has done wonders for my skin. It’s designed to hydrate and replenish the skin overnight, this is equally as important to use in summer as it is in winter! If you have some dry skin or a little bit of sunburn, this mask will help relieve the tightness and feed that quenched skin, so you’ll wake up with skin that feels softer and more comforted. Furthermore, it’s not super oily or coloured so it won’t destroy your bed sheets! ** Note: the green colour goes away after 2 minutes of soaking into the skin.

  2. COSRX "Aloe Soothing Sun Cream" / Morning Moisturiser- It has the perfect consistency, smooth and not too thick, so it goes really well underneath makeup. It's got a really subtle and natural smell and also contains aloe vera which is very soothing for the skin. It has a high SPF of 50 and is very moisturising.

  3. The Ordinary “Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5” - This product is a hydration support formula. It uses three forms of hyaluronic acid to create multi-layer hydration and visible plumping of the skin. I apply in the evening before the hemp night mask and after I’ve washed my face.

  4. The Ordinary “Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%” - This product is a "high-strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula” designed to reduce the appearance of skin congestion and blemishes. I apply every morning before my moisturiser.


Make sure your concealer and foundation are matched in water proof level. For example, if you have a 100% waterproof concealer and then a non-waterproof BB cream and you sweat throughout the day, you may end up looking like a ghost because the BB cream can be sweated off and then you’ll be left with concealer circles around your eyes and other concealed areas (take a look around the club when they turn the lights on at the end of the night and you’ll see some examples of this).

Product recommendations


With contour I actually think a combination of cream and powder works really well! Because the skin may be oily or moist in the heat - using only powder can sometimes look blotchy. If you do just use a bronzing powder for your dark contour areas, then you need to set the foundation first with a translucent powder before you apply the bronzer to make sure that it spreads evenly over the skin and doesn’t clump as dark patches on particularly oily spots.

For cream contour, I wouldn’t recommend using it without at least a translucent powder over top to set it or else it will start to smudge down as soon as you begin to sweat!

As a final contour tip, baking along the contour line with loose, translucent powder is a good way to set that straight contour line everyone wants.

For an on-point contour I like to layer my base like this: primer - foundation/BB cream - cream contour - translucent powder - powder contour.

Product recommendations

POWDER For summer, ALWAYS purchase translucent, not colour matched powder. From sun exposure to pigment, the skin changes day to day in summer, even if you wear sunscreen. Therefore, translucent powder is a way better option as it has the same effect as colour matched powder (i.e. shine reduction and setting) but will match the variation in your colour day to day!

Product recommendations


Eye shadow primer is essential if you’re going to wear medium to heavy eye shadow in very warm weather.

To put it simply, the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Potion is a nice, smooth glue for your eye shadow and if applied correctly, your eye shadow should not run or shift at all in the heat.

If you’re intending to wear false eyelashes (especially strip eyelashes more so than single lashes) and it’s a really hot day, always bring your glue in your bag. No matter how good your glue is, when it’s 30+ degrees and you’re out sweating all day, there is a good chance that your lash may pop off. This is something I’ve seen all too much in Australia and there’s nothing worse than having a lash corner lifted up or having to pull off your lashes all together.

Furthermore, waterproof mascara is just a must and no-brainer when it’s hot enough that you’ll sweat. Alternatively, you can avoid having to use mascara at all by getting a Lash Lift (Vippeløft) or lash colour at the start of summer! Using a lash enhancing serum, such as x-lash or iGlow, will also give you more lash volume.

Product recommendations


Try to use a waterproof tinted gel, like our Tinted Brow Ink, and try to only use your pencil where it is absolutely needed. This is because if it’s 30+ degrees, the pencil will likely remain quite moist and you risk smudging or removing it if you touch your forehead during the day! If you have to use a pencil, I would recommend setting it with a translucent powder for a longer-lasting consistency.

Product recommendations


I prefer to stick to lip glosses instead of lip stick. Lip stick is often oil or wax based so when the weather is hot it will stay slippery and as you talk you risk smudging it or getting it on your teeth. A thicker, stickier lipgloss is always the best option.

Product recommendations


Many of you have heard of Mac’s “Fix +” spray. However, many of you may not know that this spray is not the best fixing spray (despite the name), it's an enhancing spray that is designed to make your makeup look better. In winter and when living in Norway, most days you can get away with just using this spray as it does have some fixing properties. However, for days that are 30+ you need to make sure you are using a fixing spray that will help hold the makeup in place. Two brands that I jump between are: Urban Decay “All Nighter” spray and KVD Vegan “Lock-it” spray.

Product recommendations

Some of you may have heard of using hairspray over your face to waterproof your look. I’m not going to lie and say that I have never done this, it does work in terms of waterproofing! However, you need to be aware that hairspray is full of chemicals and is alcohol based and, therefore, continual use on the skin can dry out, cause irritable reactions and even age the skin (AHHH!)! If you have a good quality setting spray (such as those mentioned above), there will be no need to turn to hairspray to keep your makeup in place all day.


DAB, DO NOT WIPE! Whenever I’m going out with a full face of makeup in summer I always pack a few extra cotton pads in my bag because I know at some point my face will begin to perspire. Lightly dab effected areas, never use a lot of pressure and never wipe as you’ll end up removing and smudging your makeup! After you’re finished dabbing it’s usually a good idea to apply a little bit of translucent powder to re-smooth out the surface of your skin. I always carry this in my bag.

GOOD LUCK, sweaty bitches, Toni out!


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