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Love Languages with McKenzie

Now we know this isn't necessarily the thing you would expect to read from a beauty company, but as we've learned, nothing is normal anymore😂 We have been into the idea of sharing some of our best meaningful tips for gift giving this season because we all deserve something that means more than just, "Here's another gift set I picked up at the pharmacy and put zero effort into, enjoy!" So without further ado, I present to you the idea of love languages.

If you haven’t taken the love language quiz or heard of it, it’s really an incredible thing to learn about yourself and others (and not just for Christmas). Everyone has a love language aka the way in which they prefer to receive and give love. Now I'm no therapist or love guru, but after taking this quiz with my loved ones, I feel like I understand them and myself so much better.

There are 5 different love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Of course, anyone would love to receive any of these types of love, but with the quiz, you learn which one fulfils you the most and what order of importance the other categories fall in. For me, mine is receiving gifts. My whole life I've loved giving small tokens of appreciation, picking things up at the grocery store if I see something someone would like, bringing something to a friend when they've had a bad day, etc. So it makes sense to me now that those are the things I secretly wish for people to do for me in return. The kicker here is that now that I know everyone has their own type, I don't get as easily disappointed if I feel people aren't reciprocating the "receiving gifts" love to me. So every holiday or special occasion, I try to ask people what their love language is and find a gift that fits them accordingly.

So take the quiz here (yes it's free) if you haven't already, send it to your close groups and get to shopping/planning, sister!

Here are some of my gift suggestions according to each love language:

  1. Words of Affirmation - This type of love likes to be appreciated, praised and encouraged. Write out uplifting and encouraging emails and schedule them to be sent out once a week. Include good quotes, maybe a few pictures. It will be surprising and cute for the receiver.

  2. Acts of Service - This type appreciates people doing things for them that they don't necessarily love doing themselves. Offer to do small chores or errands for people who appreciate love like this. Make some DIY gift cards for a free house cleaning or errand running to help them out.

  3. Receiving Gifts - People who fall under this category (me) literally just want to be thought of. so a gift idea for people who fall under this category, think about them and their favorite things. make a small basket of their favorite candies, candles, books etc. it just helps to show them that you pay attention.

  4. Quality Time - It's as simple as it sounds, giving someone your undivided attention and focus, but also doing things together that they enjoy. Perfect category to buy things like movie tickets, concert tickets, but another cheaper idea could be to plan a night where you make them dinner and watch their favorite movie together.

  5. Physical Touch - Seems self explanatory… ;) but for friends or family members that you're not trying to kiss buy them a gift card for a massage or to get a pedicure. Maybe DIY a body scrub or knit a blanket as a way to represent physical touch when you aren’t there to give it to them :)

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy (sorry) description on love languages and gift giving. I hope it creates a whole new meaning for your holiday season!



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