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Happy Pride!

Vi er allierte med hele LGBTQ-samfunnet. Hos oss på Brow Rehab er du alltid trygg og feire<3

A note from the photographer, McKenzie Price (she's American hence the english):

Pride has always been super important to Silje and the salon, and to me as well. We usually always try to do something related to makeup, which is fun, but I really wanted to do something different this year. I wanted to showcase Pride in a different way and to collaborate with someone from the community. I was very much keen on finding a drag queen because well, that's just fun obviously. Stine, one of our brow stylists, mentioned that she knows a childhood friend who also does drag and she showed me Salty's page on Instagram. Immediately I thought YES YES a thousand times YES! I contacted him and much to my surprise, he said yes to working with us!

I wasn't 100% sure which direction I wanted to go in for this shoot, but I knew I wanted to use our makeup artist, Jasmine, because she's also an artist and always has an eye for out of the ordinary type things. I also really wanted this shoot to be less about selling something for the salon, and more about celebration, creativity and love. Salty, Jasmine and I met up and talked about the idea of doing one look without drag and one with, because we wanted Salty to be able to express himself in his own way.

I had mentioned the idea of using the rainbow colors differently to Jasmine for the non-drag look, rather than just eyeshadow like most people do. She came up with the idea of using wild, Norwegian flowers, which brought on this extra pride of being from Norway. The day of the shoot, she literally picked the flowers on her way and that's what we ended up using on Salty's first look. So amazing!

We let Salty run with his own creativity on the drag look. He wanted to do something dark since the first look was very light and calm. So as you can see in the images, it's very "in your face" with bling and mesh and all that. SO. GOOD. As soon as he put on that wig, it was just like a drag show come to life, he's amazing and entertaining and just knows how to work behind the camera.

As for the type of photos I was planning to take and edit, I really wanted this surreal/dream-like feeling so during the actual shooting I used plastic wrap over the lens of the camera, along with some Carmex on it so that it looked almost a little blurry and faded. I think this was really fun for the first look because it almost made the different colors of the flowers on his face blend together, creating almost that pride flag feeling. I kept the same style for the drag look as well for consistency, but after editing, I think it really made the glam look in the makeup pop even more.

The shoot was so fun and it was an amazing team of creative people who just wanted to express themselves and their feelings toward Pride month.

The video below includes a little message from our fave Salty, please listen <3


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